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5 Winter Moving Tips For an Easier – and Safer – Winter Move

October, 2018

Whether you’re going across town or across the country, moving can seem like, and even bea chore at the best of times. Moving in the winter months, especially, brings its own unique set of challenges. Since we’ve reached the time of year when the weather is starting to turn and snow isn’t too far away, we wanted to make sure you’re prepared if you’re packing up this winter. To make your winter move as hassle-free and safe as possible, we’ve compiled a few of our top winter move tips from over the years.

Winter Moving Tips #1: Be Flexible

Keep an eye on the weather and, if possible, be flexible on dates to keep things as stress-free as possible. Even with a clear forecast, the weather can be unpredictable. Have a back-up plan if a storm rolls in unexpectedly on your moving day.

If you’ve hired a moving company and are travelling a long distance, bad weather can delay the arrival of your belongings to your new home. Make sure you’re prepared to wait a day or two in your new home without the moving truck – just in case.

Winter Moving Tips #2: Don’t Pack Essentials

Pre-packing can make things easier on the day of the move, but there are some essentials you’ll want to leave out until the very end. Keep your coffee maker or kettle handy for hot drinks on the day of the move, and keep your winter driving essentials readily available for the commute. Things like a small shovel, your windshield scraper, and extra gloves should be easily reachable in your car.

We also suggest keeping a suitcase of essential clothing, blankets and toiletries in the event your move is delayed.

Winter Move Tips #3: Prep Both Locations

Make sure your pack up and unload locations are safe for you and the movers, as well as protected from the elements. Ensure driveways, steps, and walkways are clear of ice and snow, and throw down salt if necessary. You may also want to consider laying down carpet or hardwood floor protectors to save them from any mud, snow, or ice that gets tracked in during the day.

At the new home, make sure any necessary utilities are turned on prior to your arrival – heat, water, and electricity but consider lowering the heat, or turning it off altogether while moving in as heat will be lost through the open doors.

Winter Moving Tips #4: Start Early

As a rule of thumb, plan for everything to take longer than you expect. Even with clear weather, winter conditions will slow things down: everything from loading and unloading to commuting between locations. Start early in the day to make the most out of limited daylight and avoid working on icy surfaces in the dark. As a bonus, temperatures should be more comfortable throughout the day than in the evening as well, making the whole moving experience (slightly) more enjoyable.

Winter Moving Tips #5: Prepare for the Cold

It may sound obvious but, for both you and your belongings, make sure to protect against colder temperatures. Dress in layers to keep warm. Layers will also allow  you to easily remove pieces of clothing as you warm up throughout the day.

You’ll also want to make note of any items that may be affected by the cold temperatures, such as electronics or glassware. Load boxes with glassware last to avoid having them sit in the cold for too long, and consider transporting electronics in your own vehicle.


Moving in the winter can certainly have its challenges, but by being prepared for the elements and staying flexible, you can make the process run smoothly, safer and with less stress. Following these winter moving tips means that in no time, you’ll have your feet up relaxing in your new space, away from the elements! If you have a move coming up this winter and need help packing or moving, send us a message or give us a call today.