Packing Tips for a Stress-Free Move

January, 2023

Ready to start a fresh new chapter? Exciting opportunities await but moving can often be daunting. Packing up your life and transitioning to a new home requires both energy and organisation.

Before taking on this exciting challenge make sure to check out these packing tips – they’re designed specifically to help streamline things so that all of your belongings (and sanity) remain intact.

Let’s get organised together. Here’s everything you need for a smooth move!

First things first: take an inventory

When packing for a move, it can be tempting to just start throwing things into boxes and hope for the best. But first things first: take an inventory of everything you need to pack. This might seem like an unnecessary, time-consuming task, but it’ll make packing much easier in the long run.

We all accumulate belongings and clutter over time — and that’s ok! But you don’t necessarily want to be moving all those belongings and clutter.

As you take your inventory, think about your new space and how your items may or may not work in your new home. You may love that comfortable old sofa, but if it doesn’t fit in your new living room, it’s probably not worth moving. By keeping your new home in mind, you can avoid packing and moving items that you’ll just end up getting rid of later.

Purge your belongings

It’s best to purge unnecessary belongings instead of packing them up and moving. This way, you can get rid of items that you don’t need or want, and you won’t have to pay to move them. Sometimes we hold onto things for sentimental or nostalgic reasons, but really don’t use them. Does it really make sense to keep it, pack it up, and move it?

If you’re not sure where to start, try making a list of items that you haven’t used in the past year. These are probably items that you can live without, and they will just take up space in your new home.

Sell or donate unwanted items to lighten your load and make packing and moving easier. This is also a perfect time to have a garage sale for the stuff you’ve always wanted to get rid of. Or, finally follow through on your promise to donate to charity. Donating is a great way to declutter while helping others in need.

So, before you start packing, take some time to go through your belongings and get rid of anything you don’t need or want. This will make your move much easier and less stressful.

Pack systematically

Moving can be a stressful time, but packing doesn’t have to be. By following a few simple tips, you can make the packing process much simpler and less chaotic.

First, it’s important to sort your belongings into different categories. Clothes should be packed separately from kitchen supplies, living room decorations and bathroom items. This will make it easier to find what you’re looking for when you unpack at your new home.

Additionally, packing your clothes on hangers directly into boxes can save time and prevent wrinkles. You’ll be able to open the box and hang things up in your new closet right away.

Finally, remember to pack things like jewellery and shoes separately. This will help to protect your delicate items and prevent them from getting lost in the moving process.

You’re going to need some boxes

Actually, you’re going to need LOTS of boxes.

But not just any boxes. You need the right boxes for the right items.

So how many boxes do you need? The answer really depends on how much stuff you have and the size of your home. For a small apartment, you might need 50-100 boxes. For a larger home, you might need 100-200 boxes or more.

We recommend you get appropriately sized boxes that best suit your items.

  • 2 cubic foot boxes for books and heavier items (up to 60 pounds)
  • 4 cubic foot boxes for medium density items
  • 5-6 cubic foot boxes for bulky light items (fabrics and clothes)
  • Wardrobe boxes for packing clothing on hangers

A common mistake is using the wrong-sized boxes for the items that are going in it. You don’t want to fill a 4 or 6 cubic foot box full of books and then try to lift and carry it! Likewise, packing a 2 cubic foot box with clothes or towels isn’t the most efficient use of your supplies.

You can get packing boxes from many places, like grocery stores, the LCBO, office supply stores, and of course, from us!

Protect your belongings with packing supplies

The last thing you want is for your valuable belongings to get damaged in the process. That’s why it’s important to use packing materials to protect items that can be broken or damaged.

  • Bubble wrap is a great option for protecting fragile items
  • Packing peanuts can help to fill in any empty space in boxes
  • Plastic bags and furniture wrap
  • Packing paper or micro-foam sheets to provide an extra layer of protection to delicate items

By taking a little time to pack carefully, you can help ensure that your belongings arrive at your new home safe and sound.

Heavy on bottom, light on top

When packing for moving, it’s important to keep heavy items at the bottom of the box. This will help to prevent the box from being unstable and tipping over and damaging your belongings. Plus, it just makes sense that lighter and possibly fragile items aren’t being crushed by heavier items on top.

You’ll also want to be sure that your books are packed securely so they don’t get damaged. Try organising your books and group them together by size before you pack them.

Colour-code your boxes and use labels

Many people choose not to label their moving boxes, thinking that it will be a waste of time. But in reality, the few seconds it takes to label your boxes will save you much more time and energy in the long run.

On moving day, the last thing you want to do is spend hours sorting through boxes trying to find what you need. Clearly label each box with its contents, and include a list of items on the outside so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

You can also use coloured tape or stickers to designate different rooms, so the movers will know where to put each box. Taking a little time to label as you pack will pay off in the end, and make your moving experience much smoother.

Make a list

One of the best ways to stay organised while packing is to make a list of everything that goes into each box. This will help you keep track of your belongings and ensure that nothing gets left behind. When it’s time to unpack, simply refer to your list and you’ll be able to find everything you need in no time.

And checking off your list as you unpack is sooo satisfying!

Keep calm and stay organised

The packing and moving process can quickly become overwhelming if you leave it to the last minute. It’s important to give yourself plenty of time to get everything done. Starting to downsize a few months before a move is ideal. If you’re under a month, you may find yourself rushing to get everything done.

Budget extra time knowing that life always has a way of throwing unexpected things your way, especially when you’re already busy! Packing takes time, and you’ll want to be sure that everything is properly labelled and accounted for.

Make a list of what needs to be done and when. Work your way backwards from your moving day – again, remember to give yourself some wiggle room in case something comes up. With a little planning and preparation, the packing and moving process can be a smooth operation.

Professional packing service

Packing all your belongings will probably be the most time-consuming part of your move. And when you’re packing up your home or office for a move, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your valuables are safe.

This is where Boyd’s moving teams come in. Our packing experts are highly trained in the art of packing items efficiently and safely, so you can rest assured knowing that your belongings are in good hands. Not only that, but we can unpack as much or as little as you need in your new home, and take the boxes away for recycling.

You’d be surprised at how quick we can get your packing done! Discover more about how our professional packing options can help you.

We keep Ottawa moving

Phew – now that that’s done, all that’s left is to sit back, relax, wait for the Boyd moving truck to arrive so you can enjoy your new home!

We’ve been in the moving business for over seven decades and our highly professional team has seamlessly packed and conducted thousands of moves in Ottawa, Eastern Ontario and all areas across the country. If you have a move coming up and need help packing and moving, contact us today for a hassle-free quote.