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What you need to know about international moving

May, 2023

Moving overseas can be an incredibly exciting, once in a lifetime experience that opens up newfound opportunities and adventures. From São Paulo to Seoul, London to Lagos, relocating to a new country provides so much potential for cultural exploration and personal growth. 

That being said, the process of arranging an international move can quickly become overwhelming due to all the paperwork, planning, and planning for unpredictable challenges – but don’t let this discourage you. There’s definitely more involved than just moving across town or to a new city within Canada. You can’t simply pack-up a truck and go! There are many more steps and things to consider before moving day gets here.

To make this transition as hassle-free as possible, hiring a specialized international packing and moving service is essential. Here’s what Ottawa residents should consider when embarking on this journey.

Moving to the United States

Cross-border moving from Canada to the United States is no small feat, so when making the decision to move abroad make sure you pick a company that has experience in this arena. Not only will they possess the skills and knowledge of what needs to be done but can also provide needed documents that may be required during the process.

For example, submitting your work visa or letter of employment is often necessary for both countries to approve your access. In addition, if your prospective U.S. employer provides an immigration lawyer, they may even handle all visa matters for you. It’s smart to do your research before entering into anything and having expert level moving partners makes it a much smoother transition.

While moving from Canada to the United States requires the right paperwork, fortunately you don’t need to be present at the border when your goods cross over. If you have already arrived in the U.S., you can choose a mover who has the required permits and certificates to facilitate your belongings being cleared through customs at the border. Using an experienced transporter simplifies this portion of your move and means that once everything is prepared, your goods will safely cross into the country while you are able to focus on other aspects of your relocation.

Moving overseas

When you’re moving overseas, the last thing you want to be doing is dealing with paperwork and red tape. It’s a tedious process, and one that can quickly become overwhelming if left unaddressed. Fortunately, there are organizations that specialize in helping people navigate these complex moving processes and make sure paperwork doesn’t become a roadblock on the path to your new home.

From finding the right visas to sorting through banking issues, experienced professionals can help remove some of the stress associated with this significant life change by offering advice, support and guidance when needed. It pays to have someone who knows their way around the intricacies of international relocation, so make sure to look into ways you can get the right assistance before packing begins.

Ship by land, air, and sea

With long-distance moves in Canada or to the United States, you can transport your belongings with ground freight options. For overseas moves, however, that possibility is no longer available. Ocean freight and air shipping are two of your options for getting your belongings where they need to go, depending on the requirements and budget of your move.

When it comes to what’s best for you, ocean freight is usually the most cost effective for moving large or bulk items, whereas air shipping allows for much faster transit times. Weighing up these two options can help you reach the best decision based on both your timeframes and financial situation.

Ship it quickly by air

Instead of trying to manage all of your possessions, most people use air freight to transport the essentials they need to set up their new home. Not only is this an efficient way to make sure you have the items you need when you arrive at your destination, it helps get you up and running until your sea freight arrives. 

Your items can be shipped by air in a matter of days, while shipping by sea can take several months. Air freight is a smart and convenient way to move the things you need right away, for anybody relocating overseas.

Save money shipping by sea

Understanding the basics of how your belongings travel by sea will help make the process smoother. In most cases, shipments are loaded into containers that are sealed and tracked until they arrive at the destination port. Shipping containers are often exclusive and carry only one customer’s items, while consolidation with other shipments is also an option depending on requirements and cost.

Understanding the factors that will affect pricing will help you while you’re planning. Generally, international relocation pricing is based on both the volume as well as the distance they need to travel. As sea freight is the most commonly used shipping method for these kinds of moves, it works by measuring the cubic feet that your load takes up in a container regardless of its weight. Seeing this equation broken down makes it easier to plan what size container you’ll need while keeping costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality service.

Packing for an overseas move

When you’re making an international move, it pays to let the professionals take care of your packing. Not only do they have the experience and know-how necessary to safeguard your items from any eventualities during transport, but they should also be using specialized supplies like overseas wrap to help keep your belongings safe and secure on their way to your new location.

Sometimes crates have to be used when sending items long distances as extra protection against inclement weather or rough seas. Be sure to ask your mover about optional crating services and delivery insurance—a little extra security before saying goodbye to Canada.

Plus, it’s important to note that some countries don’t even allow homeowners to handle packing their own containers. This is often due to the fact it can affect what compensation is available if something were to happen during international shipping. Leaving the packing in a professional’s hands is your best bet when planning an international move.

Here at Boyd, all of our international moves require our professional full packing service.

Choose an experienced moving company

Moving to a different country comes with its own unique set of challenges. But when it comes time to organize, pack and transport your belongings, working with an experienced international mover is the surest way to ensure that everything runs efficiently and as stress free as possible.

After all, just like any industry professional who has honed their skills over time will know best how to navigate through tricky logistics or murky regulations; when dealing with your beloved belongings during such a big move, don’t trust in anyone but those who are already well-versed in global relocation.

Your best chance for a hassle-free move is with a company that’s known for their expert guidance and world-class service for international relocations.

  • Do they have bonded and security cleared movers who take great care with all possessions?
  • Are they providing a written estimate guaranteed to be within 10%?
  • Are you receiving an itemized quotation in advance with every single expense explained up front?
  • Can they advise you on all the proper customs and paperwork for any country?
  • Do they have secure facilities for short or long term storage?
  • Is there a guarantee for your delivery date?

With careful organization and some extra help when you need it, you’ll be living your dream life abroad before you know it. When faced with daunting tasks such as obtaining visas or finding the right neighborhood to settle down in, remember that there are many others who have made this transition before you. Take advantage of their expertise and insights.

International moving with expert care

Our team of moving pros are experts in understanding the unique needs of each move, be it a simple one day trip across town to a full on international relocation. We provide you with a dedicated moving planner to help with your move from beginning to end, creating a custom plan for a smooth and efficient move. Communication is key to our success so we keep you up to date on every step of the process from start to finish. That way, on moving day, there won’t be any surprises.

Boyd Moving and Storage has been providing reliable moving services throughout Ottawa since 1947, and our team of experts is the perfect choice when considering an international move. We know that moving can be hard, so we take it upon ourselves to handle as much of the process as possible – leaving you more time to spend with those who matter most.

If you have an international move in your future and need help with planning, paper work, packing and moving, contact us today for a hassle-free quote.