Packing and Crating Solutions

Packing and Crating Solutions

Feeling pressed for time? Need to help a loved one move or downsize? Looking for pre-storage professional packing to safeguard breakables or keepsakes?

Packing can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially when so many other things are competing for our attention. That’s why Boyd offers several different types of packing services.

Time and materials packing

This service is ideal for clients moving locally who would like our crew to do a small amount of packing on the day of their move. Fees are by the hour for both packing and moving time, plus the cost of materials.

Unit packing

Unit packing is for long-distance moves and for shipments coming to our storage facility. This is for clients who need only a small amount of packing done for select items, such as breakables. Fees include the cost of materials and the labour for packing and unpacking at destination.

Professional Packing by weight

This service is for clients who need complete packing services for everything in their home. This is especially helpful for long-distance moves and for shipments coming in to our storage facility. Rates are based on the entire weight of the shipment and include all labour and materials. Unpacking services are also available.

Custom crating

Large, fragile items such as stained glass windows, sculptures and paintings, marble and glass tabletops and chandeliers may require the extra care that can only be provided by custom wood crating. Our in-house crating department can service virtually any requirement to ensure the safe transport of your belongings.

Professional Packing team. Professional results.

Our packing crews use industry-standard packing materials to protect your valuables, including specialized cartons, recyclable kraft paper, bubble wrap, micro foam sheets and plastic wrap.

From the most fragile or cherished items to those special mementos, the staff at Boyd are well trained to ensure your valuables and memories are packed with the utmost of care.

Sit back and relax

Save time and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that qualified professionals are taking good care of your valuables. Request an estimate or give us a call today at 613-244-4444 (toll-free: 800-268-1469).

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