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Shipping Containers – DIY Storage

When you need secure temporary storage, Boyd’s DIY container rentals* are the perfect solution:


  • Home renovations or home staging: keep belongings protected and out of the way.
  • DIY moving**—no truck needed.


  • Construction sites: store valuable materials and large tools.
  • Retail: store off-season inventory.
  • We offer competitive monthly rental rates on shipping containers.

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Advantages of Boyd Shipping Containers

Thanks to all-steel construction, Boyd’s sea containers offers all the benefits – and none of the disadvantages – of fibreglass containers.

  • Convenient: 20’ size fits most residential driveways or commercial parking lots.
  • Secure: industrial strength bar-and-lever lock with hasps – you supply the lock.
  • Clean and attractive: these aren’t the rusted-out eyesores you see in the classifieds!
  • Weather proof and leak proof: keeps your belongings dry.
  • Vermin proof: keeps out raccoons, rodents, and even insects.

You get complete peace of mind when storing your valuable property.

How it Works

Whether you’re moving or using our containers for storage, it’s easy:

  1. Call to arrange delivery of your DIY container.
  2. Take as long as you like to pack and store your goods.
  3. If you’re moving, call us to move the container to your new home.
  4. At your new home, unpack at your leisure.
  5. When you no longer need your container, call us and we’ll pick it up.

Optional: you can also arrange for us to come and reposition the container on the same site.

Easy, Secure, and Cost Effective

Boyd’s rental containers offers homeowners a third option for DIY moving that costs less than a full service move but doesn’t require the ability to drive a large truck. It also allows you to move at your own pace, without turning your home into a sea of boxes.

For business owners, containers provide temporary or long term extra storage where and when it’s needed.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our container service!

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* Sorry, we don’t have containers for sale at this time.
** We don’t recommend using DIY containers for long distance / overseas moving. Items need to professionally packed to endure the rough ride. You can use your container for moving anywhere in the Ottawa area. For moves outside the Ottawa area, we offer a similar solution through United Van Lines.

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