Inventory Management

Depending on your objectives, such as greater flexibility, next-day delivery, or loyalty fulfillment, Boyd’s Ottawa inventory management services can help your company improve product handling, increasing both efficiency and profitability.

Our Ottawa inventory management services include remote monitoring, pick and pack, kitting, and cross-docking.

Remote Inventory Monitoring

Tired of wondering if a specific item requested by a customer is in stock? Need better control over inventory levels to avoid back orders, stock-outs and lost sales?

Our state-of-the-art logistics software makes your Boyd-based inventory fully accessible and visible to you whenever you wish—day or night, 365 days a year. By logging into our system with your secure credentials, you can check inventory, create orders and generate reports from anywhere in the world using your laptop, tablet, iPhone or Android device.

Never lose a customer again because you didn’t know that your inventory had dropped to critical levels.

Let Boyd’s Ottawa warehousing facilities and technology help you ratchet up your customer service and satisfaction levels to a new high. Contact us today to find out how Boyd can help you streamline and gain more control over your business.

Pick and Pack

Pick and pack is one of Boyd’s most valuable services.

How it works: Clients ship us items that need to be broken down for individual shipments to their clients. When we receive the product skids, we break down the items and prepare the product in cartons for individual shipments. If multiple shipments come in with the same product, we try to make sure they all get received in the same area to allow for easier access and preparation.

We store the items until the client sends us their customers’ orders for the different products, which we then prepare (pick and pack) for shipment on the client’s behalf. Preparation of the order includes proper packaging and shipment documentation, and notifying the courier or driver that there is an order ready for shipment. Usually, we have the order prepared and ready to go within 24 hours.


Kitting involves doing a precise count of specific items requested by our client, which are then packaging in cartons and shrink wrapped for safekeeping and shipment. Kitting orders are prepared in our warehouse for maximum efficiency and then shipped to the required destination(s).


Cross-docking eases the process between manufacturer and supplier/seller, and saves on both storage fees and labour.

This is an ideal service when a company does not have access to a loading dock that can handle a 53-foot transport trailer. Boyd can off-load your inventory via one of our many loading docks and place it into the staging area. We’ll then notify you that your shipment has arrived and is ready to be picked up.

Cross-docking is also useful if your company does not carry inventory because your products are custom-made. In that case, you can arrange for the product to be shipped to us and, once it arrives at our warehouse, you can deliver it to your client or arrange for us to distribute it for you.

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