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Students Moving Out

April, 2019

Ottawa is a busy student town. Student moving time is always a busy time, especially with the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, Algonquin College, La Cite, Ashbury College and other educational institutions all with students moving in and out of Ottawa around the same time.

Moving can be a very hectic and time-consuming process. It can sometimes get very stressful and you might even think about just putting your stuff down and going to bed (the same bed you just loaded in your rental truck). Students move for many reasons including changing their residence, graduating, moving in with a partner or moving to another city for a new job.

Moving is not just about loading your things in a truck and moving from one place to another. Moving involves many additional steps like making a list of things you need to move, arranging and tagging all your things and then packing them up in a safe and efficient way. Students moving on their own means extra stresses like sourcing a moving truck, renting a moving truck, finding family or friends to help load the moving truck. Then returning the moving truck after the move is complete. This process is stressful and time-consuming. A mistake can make your experience worse and even more stressful than it has to be. When it comes to a smooth moving experience it is always preferred to hire a professional moving company like Boyd.

Students have a lot on their minds when they think about moving so it is advised to always hire a professional. Students should only worry about their education and let all the moving stress fall on professional movers. Boyd can not only create a safer moving experience but can also make it faster.


A Boyd Student Move Means Perfect Packing

Young people are commonly known for their reckless and careless behavior. Packing your stuff before moving requires a lot of skills and expertise. Professional movers can help you pack things in the most efficient way possible. Where a student may pack their clothes along with books, a professional will pack it in a skillful manner and make space for more items.


Sometimes students have merely a few days to reach their new college after they receive their acceptance letter. Packing and moving in such short notice can cause severe stress in students and might even affect their studies. Hire a professional mover in this case as they are more experienced in the field and can complete the whole process in way less time. Boyd has a very skilled staff that can help you pack your things in no time.

Moving Equipment and Tools

Our professional movers use a lot of innovative and special tools for the purpose of moving. A student might pick up heavy boxes one by one and load them up in their car, our moving professionals can move 4 to 5 boxes at the same time on a trolley.

As a student you should just sit back, relax. Think about the good times you are going to spend in your new space. Allow the professional movers to focus on efficiently packing and moving your things.

A Boyd Student Move: Proven Processes That Ensure Reliability

At Boyd, our 70+ years of knowledge led us to find and establish processes that are guaranteed to get the job done efficiently, effectively, and reliably every time. Every stage has cross-checks to ensure all aspects of your move are executed as planned. Our commitment to open communication will keep you informed along the way, and surprises will be kept at bay.

Our competitive hourly moving rates, reliable team of experienced, punctual and courteous movers you will understand why you should always hire Boyd for your student move. We are committed to taking the hassle out of your student move in Ottawa. When you partner with Boyd you’ll quickly discover for yourself why we’re Ottawa’s top choice for moving services. To get a quote for your upcoming move, fill out our simple online quote form today: