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Simplifying The Overseas Moving Process

February, 2018

Our aim at Boyd is to simplify every service we offer, creating the best experience for our clients as possible. Whether residential moving and storage, commercial logistics, vehicle storage and the like, we pride ourselves on being able to empower people and businesses with effective products and services.

Making Moving Overseas That Much Easier

When it comes to bigger moves that occur on an international level, there are many moving parts to consider. Our international freight forwarding service makes things easier by providing door-to-door delivery worldwide through our professional and attentive personalized service.

The following are some of the elements that set Boyd apart from the competition. We always want to ensure our clients items are cared for:

– Expert advice on shipping regulations, customs requirements and restrictions regarding the shipment of household goods, commercial goods and vehicles

– Fully insured, bonded warehouse

– Global network of agents working for you

We also take advantage of all three major forms of transportation (ground, sea and air) to ensure your items arrive how and when anticipated, which can provide the ultimate peace of mind. Learn more about our overseas moving service and contact us to today!