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Preparing Items For Storage

March, 2017

Now that it’s officially a new season it’s the perfect time to conduct some Spring cleaning around the home. Besides clearing away clutter and getting rid of things that aren’t needed any more (via methods such as donation), storing away items from the prior season is important, however it can take up a lot of much needed space in the home.

Using a storage facility is a great way to keep your items safe until you need them again. Here are some tips to help get those items properly prepared for storage.

“- Make a detailed inventory of the items that will go into storage – it will help you better organize your belongings and find whatever you may need quickly and easily. Besides, the inventory list will serve as proof for your insurance claim in case some of your possessions get lost or damaged in an accident at the storage facility.

– Try to pack items that fall into the same category (books, kids’ stuff, kitchen items, keepsakes, etc.) together

– Use quality packing materials (clean and sturdy cardboard boxes, specialized storage boxes, suitable plastic containers, professional wrapping and cushioning materials, furniture blankets, etc.) to ensure the safety of your stored possessions

– Do not store valuables (documents, jewelry, furs, very expensive items, irreplaceable items, etc.), flammables substances (gas, diesel, oil, paint, etc.), firearms, explosives, drugs, perishable items, or any other hazardous materials or items that produce odours in a self-storage unit. (Jessica Ryan,”

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