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Packing Fragile Items

January, 2018

The most successful moving experiences first start with a clear plan. When you hire a professional moving company such as Boyd, the aim is to help make said experience as smooth and seamless as possible. Whether you decide to use a professional moving company or not, it’s always good to pack like one.

When it comes to easily breakable items, packing takes an extra level of care and consideration. Here are some important tips to consider for packing fragile and potentially priceless items:

Gather Supplies
Gather all the supplies you’re going to need. Make sure you have lots of bubble wrap, tape, a large piece of sturdy cardboard and a box strong enough to hold your glassware.
Give yourself plenty of room to work and if possible, work on the floor. Working with fragile glassware on table surfaces can sometimes scratch or if you’re not careful, be knocked to the floor

Measure the Carboard
Place the item on a large piece of strong, but pliable cardboard. Leave two to three inches around the perimeter of your object to allow for a tight, yet firm seal. Make sure you double the size of your object to allow the object to be rolled up. If you’ve purchased pre-cut cardboard, two pieces will also suffice. Just make sure the pieces are large enough to accommodate the item, while still allowing the cardboard to wrap around it.

Use Bubble Wrap
Unroll the bubble wrap and take a close look at it. You’ll notice that there are two sides; one composed of bubbles and the other smooth and bubble-free. Make sure you lay out the bubble wrap with the bubble side facing down. You want the smooth side directly next to the glass for ease of use. If you try placing the bubble-side next to the glass, you’ll notice it sticks to the surface making it more difficult to work with.’ (Diane Schmidt,

Here at Boyd we offer a wide array of packing and moving supplies to help empower our clients to safely and properly pack all of their items, with confidence. Learn more about how you can take advantage of our packing supplies, and contact us for all of your professional moving, storage and shipping needs!