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Moving Tips For National Relocation

July, 2017

Making a move can be an exciting time in someone’s life; the possibilities of a fresh start somewhere new is great, but isn’t without it’s potential challenges. The saying goes ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’ and it couldn’t be more true about moving. The more thorough you are in the planning process before the move commences, the more smoothly it will go.

If you’re planning a move across Canada to a new city or province it requires more planning and consideration than if you were to move down the street for instance, but in any case understanding what to consider before the move happens is key. Here are some important things to consider:

1 Month Before Moving

– Sort and sift through all your furniture, appliances and personal belongings. Split them into three piles: 1. Items you want to keep and move, 2. Items that you wish to donate or give away, and 3. Items that you should be tossing away. Be ruthless – Any excess items that you choose to keep “just in case” will do nothing but add to your transport cost later on.

– Contact your service providers to inform them of the address change. This includes your fixed phone line, internet, electricity and gas company. In some cases, you may have to send a written notice or turn up in person to disconnect a service.

– Update your address records with your employer, bank, insurer and critical government agencies such as the post office, local town council and inland revenue service.

1 Week Before Moving

– Contact the moving company and your helping hands (friends and family) again to reconfirm and remind them of the moving day.

On Moving Day

– Take a slow and careful walk around your home for the last time to make sure you haven’t missed out anything – You wouldn’t want to leave your two hundred year old family heirloom lying around in some dusty corner (In other hands, go through your home moving checklist again).

– After your final walk through, switch everything off and be sure to lock up all the doors and windows. Remember as commander-in-chief of the entire moving operation, you should be the first one at the moving scene and the last one to leave.

– Leave a friendly note with your name, new address and contact number for the people who will be taking over your former home. This little note will come in real handy if they need to forward any mail to you or redirect any long-lost friends to your new home.’ (source:

At Boyd we’ll help ensure you have the best and most efficient move possible. Read more about the steps we take during national moves and click here to contact us!