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Is Spring the Best Season to Move?

March, 2019

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but why not take it a step further and plan your move during the months of April, May and beginning of June. Without the bitter cold or blistering heat, the spring months make for a perfect time to plan a move. Once summer moving gets underway, the increase in movers and demand will be much higher. This will create increased costs and make it more difficult to schedule your ideal moving date.


If your dates are flexible, you should think about moving in the spring. Beat the rush and read three of the main reasons that you should consider a spring move:


Moving in the spring means milder weather

Nobody likes moving in the uncomfortable cold of winter or the unbearable summer heat. The favourable weather conditions from late March to early June are considered one of the advantages of moving in the spring. The weather is warmer but not too warm and the hazards of moving in the winter like heavy snowfall, severe storms and icy roads are no longer a concern.This makes moving tasks easier to complete and greatly reduces the risks involved in the relocation process. The weather conditions in the spring will lessen the stress of moving. Moving day, you’re still very likely to enjoy mild temperatures and pleasant weather at the time of your move.


Spring Cleaning

Take advantage of spring cleaning by making your home look tidy and attractive. If you are planning on selling your home, this will be imperative to impress potential buyers. It also allows you to sort out your belongings. By selling your home and moving out in the spring, you will be able to enjoy your new home in the summer!


Moving in the spring means lower moving costs versus the summer

June through September is the busiest time of the moving year. Due to a high demand and lower supply, moving costs go up during these months. This means that you can easily save some of your hard-earned money by planning your move during the spring months (provided that you are in a position to choose the time-period of your move). Ultimately, you have to decide the best way to move.


Moving in the spring with Boyd

At Boyd, our 70+ years of knowledge have led us to find and establish processes that are guaranteed to get the job done efficiently, effectively, and reliably every time. Every stage has cross-checks to ensure all aspects of your move are executed as planned. Our commitment to open communication will keep you informed along the way, and surprises will be kept at bay.

With our competitive hourly moving rates, our reliable team of experienced, punctual and courteous movers, and our commitment to taking the hassle out of your move, when you partner with Boyd you’ll quickly discover for yourself why we’re Ottawa’s top choice for moving services.

Beat the rush, save your hard-earned money and enjoy the summer in your new home. Contact us today for a quote: