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Protect Your Toys From Winter Weather with Indoor Vehicle Storage at Boyd

December, 2018

If your ATV or boat is taking up precious space in your garage, or you can’t stand to see the snow hit the beautiful summer ride that’s sitting in the driveway any longer, you’re in luck! Here at Boyd, we offer the best (and biggest!) indoor vehicle storage facility in Ottawa, perfect for storing all of your summer vehicles.

At Boyd, we offer more than just a roof to store your toys under. Check out these five bonuses you get when you choose to store your car and other recreational vehicles with us.

Boyd Indoor Vehicle Storage Bonus #1: Climate-Controlled Facility

Changes in temperature and humidity can happen indoors, too! A climate-controlled facility can help keep moisture out of the air and off of your vehicle, protecting it from rust on the outside and mold and mildew on the inside.

A climate-controlled facility will also help keep the more sensitive parts of your car from freezing in the cold Ottawa winters. A battery, for example, can become unusable if exposed to extreme cold (or extreme heat in the summer).

Boyd Indoor Vehicle Storage Bonus #2: Fully Computerized

Our indoor vehicle storage Ottawa warehouse is fully computerized and operated by in-house, experienced staff. This ensures optimal storage and accurate records. Even in our 100,000 square feet of space, we will always know exactly where your vehicle is. By not out-sourcing our services to third-party contractors, you can be sure only Boyd’s dedicated professionals will be handling your car.

Boyd Indoor Vehicle Storage Bonus #3: A Totally Secure Facility

Your vehicle is your baby. We want to make sure that when you trust us to store your car or recreational vehicle with us, you not only get protection from the elements but peace of mind that comes with added security as well. That’s why we are proud to say we are customs bonded, security cleared, and fully insured. We also want you to sleep well at night knowing your prized possessions are in good hands.

Boyd Indoor Vehicle Storage Bonus #4: Service in both Official Languages

We’re proud to offer service in both official languages to serve all of our customers with the same, high-quality customer care. No matter your preference, we’re happy to help answer any questions you might have and set up your reservation for you.

Boyd Indoor Vehicle Storage Bonus #5: More than just Storage

At Boyd, we care about your investment just as much as you do, which is why we offer more than just a place to park your car. Our vehicle storage service includes disconnecting your battery and monitoring your tire pressure. Other specialty services, like car covers, are also available.

Boyd offers more than just an oversized garage to store your vehicles. Whatever you want to protect from the elements, we have the space to store it and the expertise to handle it safely. Our Indoor vehicle storage services in Ottawa are very popular and space fills up very quick. We recommend calling and reserving early in the season to prevent being left out in the cold. For peace of mind and to make your reservation, give us a call at 613-244-4444 or fill out the Reservation Request form here.