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A Family Oriented Business

December, 2017

Here at Boyd we take pride in our history, growth and continued evolution. We are proudly family owned and operated, and that simple fact drives everything we do. Not every employee is related by blood or marriage, but a family goes well beyond that; with Boyd, everyone is treated as family.

Family owned/oriented businesses are unique and are able to offer something different than other types of businesses. The following are some of the benefits of them:

‘Five years ago, founders or their families owned some 60 percent of emerging-market companies with sales of $1 billion or more. By 2025, an additional 4,000 companies may join the list, so that family-owned businesses would then represent 40 percent of the world’s large enterprises, up from roughly 15 percent in 2010, according to McKinsey research and expert projections.


Tribe is the sense of connectedness, shared culture, and support in the social fabric of a family business—beyond the immediate “clan,” or owning family. It is expressed through a sense of closeness that non-family employees feel toward the owners. Around two-thirds of respondents in our survey said that they felt or strongly felt a degree of togetherness in their organizations and believed that the owning family would help employees in a personal crisis.

Family identity

The degree to which members of families that own businesses identify with them can vary widely. Family identity also extends to how consciously families decide to express their image through the company’s brand and how much a sense of family promotes the family’s legacy and visibility in the market. In our survey, 72 percent of respondents said that family values are incorporated into the business brands of their companies. Fifty-nine percent said that a sense of family atmosphere upheld the owners’ visibility and legacy.


In essence, family capital’s trust element refers to the owners’ reliability: the degree of trust the organization’s members have in the ability of family leaders to improve the company’s performance, to keep their promises to stakeholders, and to do what they say they will do generally. Our research finds that respondents have a high level of trust in family leaders. Trust also extends to the broader communities where family businesses operate.’ (Åsa Björnberg, Ana Karina Dias, and Heinz-Peter Elstrodt, mckinsey.com)

Since 1947, we have earned the trust of thousands of clients in the Ottawa–Gatineau area and beyond through the hard work and dedication of our employees (many of whom have been with us for 20+ years), and take pride in providing high-quality and reliable moving, storage and shipping services for each client, every single time. Contact us to learn more!