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Effective Warehousing Solutions

December, 2017

Space is something that most people wish they had more of, but usually aren’t privy to getting it; whether their current space lacks the necessary room they need or there are other reasons for it, everyone could benefit from having extra storage capacity.

Here at Boyd we are able to offer our clients that extra space they need, which can help to further free up the space in their home/offices which is being utilized to the maximum capacity. Some of the benefits of our warehousing solutions include:

• Lower storage costs by consolidating inventory in one location.
• Improve receiving/shipping processes with our next-day receiving and next-day shipping.
• Reduce labour costs and protect assets (our forklift-certified workers are skilled at handling our customers’ inventory with care).
• Enhance security with our fully bonded and insured “class A” facilities, which carry government security clearances and are protected with alarm systems.

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