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Freight Forwarding: Ship Your Items With Confidence

May, 2017

The term ‘freight forwarding’ may seem fairly straightforward (pun intended), however having a deeper understanding of what it actually means for the safe shipment of your items is important.

“The main function of the freight forwarder is to act as an intermediary between the client who is hiring them and various transportation services that are involved in getting the product overseas to the customer. The freight forwarder is hired to get the product to the customer by a specific date and in an undamaged state. Companies looking to export items can use freight forwarders to not only save time and effort but to ensure that the goods arrive at the customer’s site on time and without incident. A freight forwarder can provide the exporter with all the necessary documentation as well as liaise with the transportation companies required to get the items to the customer.” (Martin Murray,

Our Boyd International Freight Forwarding service has a global network that ensures the secure and safe shipping of your goods. We offer:

  • Door to door service worldwide.
  • Network of agents world wide.
  • Fully insured, bonded warehousing.
  • Specialized export packing and crating.

Contact us to learn more about our freight forwarding and many other moving and storage options!