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Jan, 2024

Boyd Moving Transports War Horse “Joey”

Grade two and three, public school, students will visited the Canadian War Museum and interacted with Joey. Students had the opportunity to meet the puppeteers and gained…

Nov, 2024

Choosing a Moving Company

In choosing a reputable moving company, go with a name you know or ask family and friends for names of movers they have used. When contacting companies do not be affraid …

Jul, 2024

Boyd C.O.O. Feeds the Troops Breakfast

Mr. Don McCormick, Boyd C.O.O. takes time to cook breakfast for the Boyd labour force and a few movers from other local moving companies that happen to be using the Boyd …

Jul, 2024

Retirement After 42 Years Service

After 42 years of service with Boyd Moving & Storage, Mr. Ian Sutherland decided it was time to retire.  During his years with Boyd, Mr. Sutherland has performed…

Jun, 2024

Boyd Moving & Storage Moves Justin Trudeau

Boyd Moving & Storage recently had the opportunity to move Mr. Justin Trudeau and his family from their home in Montreal to their new home in Ottawa.  The crew remar…

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